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From trainee solicitors through to partner-level appointments, our specialist Legal consultants can help you get ahead in your legal career and find your next local, national or international opportunity.

Your personal recruitment partner

Firstly, we’ll sit down for a coffee and talk aspirations, future plans and previous experience. To get the best result, we’ll get a full picture of what makes you... you!  We’ll create an ideal list of firms to approach — companies you like the sound of, businesses that could offer what you’re looking for. We’ll then look at the best way to approach our target list — some we may already have terms in place with, or have placed successful candidates previously.

With expansive experience within the legal industry, we’ll use our connections to get you the result you’re looking for.

You get to relax. We’ll work on securing a first, informal meeting with potential employers and keep you updated with every new development. Once interviews are in place, we’ll broker the meeting and make sure you’re fully prepared with intensive tailored interview coaching. Got an offer? Fantastic — now it’s down to us to make sure the deal is right for you.

As your personal recruitment partner,
our job is to make sure your next move is right for you.

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Job Title

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